Load Index & Its Significance

You might have seen load index mentioned on sidewall of your truck & trailer tire, but the do you know what this load index means? In this article we will explain load index in details.

Load Index Marking Truck Tire

For example in the above image 144/141 is the load index mentioned on the tire, in this example ‘144’ means the load index for single tire configuration and ‘141’ means load index for double tire configuration, but are you aware what these numbers signifies ? 

The load index is a numerical code (144/141 in the above example) associated with the maximum load a tire can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol under specified service conditions. The numeric load index is a code generally ranging from 100 to 171 for truck tires. 

The table shown below represents the maximum load carrying capacity (in Kgs & lbs) for each load index number mentioned for a particular tire at its speed symbol under specified service conditions.

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